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What are some eye make-up tricks to make eyes look larger?

white shimmery eyeshadow in the inner corners of your eyes, even a little bit on the bottom, just in the inner creases. and then put a little on the highest part of your eyebrow arch.

dont go overboard though!

it really really really makes them look biggerWhat are some eye make-up tricks to make eyes look larger?
Do light eyeshadows. Like one light color over your whole eye, then do a little bit darker...but not too dark...color on the crease.

Also, eyeliner. Not black, or dark brown. Maybe like a purple or regular brown color...and line the top of your eyelid, and then on the bottom, line half away, not too thick. But the bottom half AWAY from the nose. That also helps your eyes to appear larger.What are some eye make-up tricks to make eyes look larger?
There are lots of ways to make your eyes look larger and brighter. Here's a few:

- Underneath your eyes on the waterline, line using a white pencil.;鈥?/a>

- Curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of black mascara, this will really open up your eyes.

Hope I helped xx
White eyeliner can make your eyes appear larger. Don't wear dark eyeliner, because that's what makes them look smaller. Mascara can also help make them look bigger and open them up more.
You can find great make-up tips on my website:
curl your eyelashes. tightline your upper waterline. make the eyeliner on the bottom of your eye thicker as you move out from the inner corner (tear duct).
You can look up how to videos on youtube. I would look up baby doll eye makeup and doe eye makeup.
eyelash curlers do wonders! I would try heating it with a hairdryer and then curl them!
black or one that is a similar colour to your skin tone

Eye make up for a dress with all shades of blue?

i have a dress which colours range from dark to light blue, all over the place and i have no idea what eye make up to wear! i have brown hair and green eyes and on the night i will have a tan (spray of course!). i will also be wearing brown and blue bangles and such, if that helps at all!Eye make up for a dress with all shades of blue?
I say go for brown hues to bronze. It will make your eyes pop out and it will natural with your tan and it will not clash with your blue dress.Eye make up for a dress with all shades of blue?
Try gold or purple
ouch that's a tough one... i would go with light green tones, or silvery eye shadow if that works for you.
Brown or silver.
wear a brown or gold eyeshadow
smokey brow eye, nude matte lips, no blush,
omg purple? no nononoooooooooooooooooooo

go with a gray...smokey gray

What clour eye make up will suit my fair complextion ?

with very light blonde hair, light eyebrows, light eye lashes and darkish blue eyes?What clour eye make up will suit my fair complextion ?
ok u should try brown eyeliner with a lavender on the lid and a peachy/citrus color on the brow for a sophisticated look

or if u want them to stand out.. brown eye shadow makes them POP!!!

if ur going clubbing, or somewhere fun with a hott date, then u should try black liner with silvery, sparkly shadow . this will make ur eyes more noticable in the dark

well, hope this was helpfulWhat clour eye make up will suit my fair complextion ?
go in for the softer shades of: green, blue, orange, purple, pink, and dont use smokey eyes or anything dark or it will look like your a goth!

browns and deep greens will look great on you

What type of eye make-up brings out olive green eyes more?

Plumb or Purple shades. More darker are better, and layering them helps. Covergirl (I think is the brand) has makeup line for this. They have color matched eyeshadows and color matched mascaras. Almay does as well. I love the mascara, its called Exact eyelights I think, and it makes your eyes shine.What type of eye make-up brings out olive green eyes more?
For brunettes and dark haired ladies with green eyes, any purples, deep greens, and grays can complement your hair, eye, and skin combination.

Drugstore Suggestions:

Purples: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers, Trio Eye shadow, Dance Party, ~$5.00

Grays: Maybelline Expertwear Duo Eyeshadow, Grey Matters, ~$4.00

Greens: CoverGirl Eye Enhancers - Trio Eye Shadow, Sea Glass, ~$5.00What type of eye make-up brings out olive green eyes more?
Purples make green eyes pop, so try burgandy-purples, plums, and bright purples and purpley- pinks. Good luck
Something that is in the same scheme as your eyes, but less intense, will emphasize them nicely. And you can never go wrong with the proper shade of brown.
If you go on and type in: leona lewis eye makeup, then the first video that comes up will show a really pretty green eye and some nice eye shadow. Hope this helps!
Some really dark eyeshadow

What's a good eye make up remover?

I wear waterproof mascera and I'm having trouble getting all the makeup off at night, with the removers that I am using. Any suggestions? I would prefer an inexpensive removerWhat's a good eye make up remover?
Clean and Clear gel make up remover. I love it and it doesn't irritate my eyes.What's a good eye make up remover?
Ponds face cream, rub in on your eyes, have a warm wash cloth ready, no srcubbing involved. It'll take the paint off a car without hurting the body, lol. I swear by it. Report Abuse

i really like boots no.7 stuff... its not tooo expensive and it also doubles up as many other removers... i use mine to remove pen from my white board, remove nail polish off of my polished wood floor, makeup from surfaces... all sorts! so yeah... NO.7 ROCKS! x
It sounds crazy but baby lotion slides any eye make up right off. I used to use water proof masc era but i found putting it on and taking it off to time consuming. MY Solution fake eye slashes yes they have very natural looking ones from all price ranges. They go on and off very easily.
I have tried Mary Kay make-up remover...Awesome!! Or you can try loreal make-up remover..their lotion is great too!!
use petroleum jelly..

it's harmless on the eyes too!

and it moisturizes skin!
Pond's make-up remover. at CVS for like $4

works on ALL makeup. from eye glitter, waterproof mascara, cheap makeup to paint!! highly recommended
I am in my early 50 been using this product for ever It comes unscented 12oz jar $12.00 but it will last you over a year. I use it very day on water-proof mascera. Name is Albolene. I have tried other Vaseline. Crisco, Baby oil and I always came back . It can't be beat. Might not be as cheap as Crisco baby oil but i guarantee you'll never use anthing else . You only need a dab for each eye, rub gentlely, take off with tissue whatever Try it I bet you never change like me.
I agree with your answerer who suggested Mary Kay. I am a consultant if you need one. Go to my 360 page and click on my blast-you will then be routted to my website.
Baby oil.
baby oil
I agree with NOSYCAP9 Clean and Clear ROCKS!
bi-facial by lancome.

or, if you're cheap, use crisco. it sounds gross, but the high fat content gets the heaviest makeup off quickly. just be sure to wash your face well afterwards. its a trick i learned in theater because of the heavy stage makeup.

How do you put on your eye make up?

I'm just curious because I'm bored of my eye make up and wanna try doing my make up differently [:How do you put on your eye make up?
As you have dark hair and dark eyes. you should go for darker shades to bring them out a little. Try a little dark brown just on the bone of your eye lid, dab it on. Then sweep over your whole eye with a golden brown, Add eyeliner to both the top and bottom of your eyes for a more dramatic night look. Add mascara to both top and bottom lashes, for definition.

Hope i could have been a help. Carrie xxHow do you put on your eye make up?
i'm not sure what i'd suggest for you,

but for some reason purple %26amp; dark blue come to mind :P

try those colours out maybe?

i'm clueless when it comes to eyeshadow, so i just use liquid eyeliner and do the winged/cat eye look ro emphasise my eyes and put on mascara, but i dont usually put eyeliner on the bottom of my eyes as i dont think my eyes are a good enough shape for it,

but you can try that :)

and i know what you mean about wanting to try new ways of putting on makeup, so im glad you asked this question! cos i was thinking about this the other day,


well it depends.

sometimes i add color.

but one look i do a lot is mascara, and liquid eyeliner. i do a car eye.

foundation ohh yeah and primer.

but thats it :] sometimes bare minerals.
what about going for nice, gold,brow,blacks and they would really complement ur eyes!

Danie x
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  • What eye make-up is the best for me?

    I'm a 22 year old female and have never worn an ounce of make-up. I've decided that I better start so I need some help. I'm pale, blonde hair (dirtier blonde) blue eyes . . . not so much dark blue but a lighter blue. I need something that looks good and isn't hard to put on in the morning... I'm the get up and go type girl. PLEASE HELP! lol I need all the appropriate suggestions I can get.What eye make-up is the best for me?
    Alright. This will be easy!

    First: use a tinted moisturizer as your base. Some of these come with sunscreen, too, so you are killing three birds with one stone, sun protection, moisturizer and foundation all in one.

    Second: Use a soft pink blush from the apples of your cheeks swept back into your hairline. Most of your color should be on the apples of your cheeks. If you like, there are cream blush products out there that you can use as your lip color, as well. This will save you time and money. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics has a great one called Pot Rouge for lips and cheeks.

    Third: use a pale ivory shadow from lashes to brow as a base. This will brighten your eye. Then take a soft taupe or grey shadow from your lash line to the crease. Either one of these tones will bring out the blue in your eyes.

    Fourth: Use a pencil liner in dark brown, espresso color on the top only.

    Fifth: Use 2 coats of black mascara

    Sixth: Apply a soft pinkish/nude lip gloss

    There you go! Simple and easy. Look dual use products ie: tinted moisturizers and cream blushes/lipsticks. These will allow you to get more bang for your buck, and will really pull your look together.

    Have fun experimenting!What eye make-up is the best for me?
    In order, of how much difference it makes:

    1] shape and fill in brows if necessary

    2] wear dark brown [ espresso ] or black brown mascara - depending on shade of brows or hair color

    3] Physician's Formula eyeliner soft pencil - to match mascara.

    a] use a very THIN line

    b] line along lashlines only - not to inner corners of eyes, unless performing on Broadway

    4] shadows are fun, because of all the color options. Try:



    blues of a different shade than eye color [ teal, smoke blue ]



    a] buy a trio or quartet of similar shades [ ex: several dif greens ]

    b] put medium shade on lid, then

    c] darkest in crease

    d] a LITTLE of lightest shade on brow bone, and at inner corner of eye

    e] blend with a good shadow brush

    f] practice at home, and look at yourself in dif lighting - you want 'hello, beautiful', not 'how much for some fun?'
    well omg its scary but i look the same as you do. i also have dirty blonde hair and blue eyes and yes i am pale lol. so ive been wearing make up for 2 years now and at first it takes a while to do makeup in the morning but after a while you will get used to it and do it really fast. so i use a shiny gold eye shadown, black mascara, black eyeliner and i sometimes do a black topliner. i put on some light pink shiny lip gloss and blush. it seems like alot but it really isnt. i would recommend to start off with a little of each and then add more if you want to. hope i helped and good luck!
    start with a light brown semi- shimmery eyeshadow and some brown mascara.

    add a light lipstick, lipbalm.

    get the right shade of foundation/powder.

    and also, most of us forget about our eyebrows. i use the Urban Decay brow box (it works wonders!)
    for light blue eyes maybe a light or in the middle shade of brown eye shadow but not alot and dark brown eyeliner and maybe if you need it foundation and blush but u dont have to use it all if you want it to quick and easy
    Look for an eyeshadow pencil to use. it's get up %26amp; go too. Avon or Mary Kay should have one %26amp; not too expensive.
    i say u should wear light brown eyeliner w/ any shade of not-too-bold shadow and mascara. but make sure your mascara isn't black since your pale